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Immersed in movie musicals as a young child (a Broadway show a rare luxury),
while growing up in New York City with 1970's AM radio (WABC) as her
formative soundtrack, Denver singer songwriter Kim Jones' influences are like the ingredients in a heady musical stew: Start with a pot of rock and roll, add some swampy southern rock, a pinch of motown, a dash of pop, a saucy dose of singer songwriters, then, stir in some sexy R & B and see what happens! What evolved for Jones was the ten songs on her third released album "Lucky Girl." Jones' band of nine years, accomplished local pros-Ron Bland (bass), Brian Mikulich (drums/percussion), and Jim Duffus (guitars/mandolin) joined Jones in the studio for the first time. The band accompanied Jones at festivals and venues around Colorado after her 2002
release "Road Dreams" generated some local press and radio airplay.

Since then, Jones a 1998 Lilith Fair finalist has been busy songwriting, playing gigs, developing and producing the "Women In Folk Rock" shows, and raising her family. Jones also dealt the deaths of both parents from cancer . "My Dad was very ill and died during the making of this record. It took me a while to be able to really focus on the CD after these losses.
But ultimately, grief has added a depth to the songs".

"Lucky Girl" was tracked and mixed with the reputable Colin Bricker of Mighty Fine productions. Jones and Bricker co-produced.

Bricker and Jones brought in the best local talent to round out the band's folk/rock groove. Eric Moon played piano, hammond B-3 organ, and accordian. Moon also wrote the horn and string arrangements.

Background vocals were peformed by Wendy Woo, Megan Burtt,
and Melanie Susuras Denver's top (and Jones' favorite) female voices.

Tom Hagerman (Devotchka) leads a moving string quartet on
"Everything's Frozen" &?"Next Time." Glenn Taylor laid down the pedal steel tracks on "Plugged In" and "Finally Found." Mark Harris (baritone, alto, tenor sax) and Gabe Mervine (trumpet) funked it up on on "Saying Something."

Stand out tracks include "?Saying Something", "Everything's Frozen", "Mr. Darcy"( an ode to the elusive character in Jane Austen's "Pride & Prejudice") and "Next Time."

"Each of these musicians brought so much magic to the music" says Jones. "I feel honored and excited about these collaborations. There is an added richness to the songs. Everyone has been so supportive. People have been wonderful! I am, for sure, a very lucky girl."

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the new release "Lucky Girl" available in October 2011

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