we are 5 lovers of beer and other illegal drugs...we will fuck your girlfriend...we make friends and enemies...and no matter where or what we do...we do our best to have the times of lives...live without regrets and to never pass up any opportunity that arises...we dont give two shits what anyone thinks...we love pissing the ignorant off...basically we like to do the things either most people want to do but dont...and or do the things most people hate and are against...and we love doing it!!!! "kill the kids, burn your bridges, drink do drugs make bad decisions, walk the low road, keep your head high, might as well have fun since we all die, never been much for failing, i may fall down but atleast im flailing, every creature may die alone, but i refuse to die with a heart of stone!!" thats us! if you care to know more stay tuned for our VH1 behind the music special in 10 years or so!!

Sex, Drugs, & Rock n’ Roll, baby!

Kill The Kids
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Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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