Kiko is a Latin American artist and songwriter who can write and sing songs in both Enlgish and Spanish. The son of Mexican immigrants, Kiko has deep roots in Latin Music, but being raised in the United States he is also well versed in the music of the US.

Kiko began writing music at an early age. He attended the Grove School of Music in Los Angeles . There he formed the skills that make his songs perfectly in tune with the pop music of this era, before, and beyond. He has studied with some of the finest vocal coaches in the country.

Kiko has published and placed songs with an ever growing number of publishers and music libraries. His songs have been placed in major motion pictures, prime-time major netowrk TV, and with various independent artists. His strong Latin songwriting has given him a relative niche in these markets and he continues to make strides in these directions.

As a singer Kiko posesses an incredible vocal range of close to 3 octaves. His fluent singing withou

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