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"Hotman" was featured in special sweet 16 episode on MTV

The Kid Hustle was Los Angeles Music Awards Best Rapper of the year.

KID HUSTLE has licensed over 30 tracks to MTV for various shows like "Cribs", "My Super Sweet 16" on other programs on the MTV network.

KID HUSTLE In affiliation with Clear Channel radio has opened in 8 Major markets.

KID HUSTLE has had 3 music videos air on National and local TV accross america and in worldwide markets.

KID HUSTLE did a tour and opened for 15,000 people for such acts as 50 cent & G Unit, D12, Lil' Flip, and Fat Joe

Aside from his musical skills KID HUSTLE appears in the new movie "Crossing Over", and as "JoJo" on the soap General Hospital. He appeared in the feature film "Hillside Strangler" and had a cameo appeareance in a "Friends" episode.

KID HUSTLE has credits for the theme song for BET's Comedy "The Way We Do It" and "American Crude" Motion Picture due out this year. Cu

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Placed song on MTV Girl Code

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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