"From Elvis to Sting, and all points in-between", noted Nashville underground producer Kevin Wicker blends the drive of hit-team Petty-Lynne and knocks it home with his sultry Nash-Vegas style.

From Nashville: Kevin Wicker

Nashville Underground producer Kevin Wicker is a world-class artist -- whose musical roots run Deep South Gospel, Blues and Country. Yet he contributes the Beatles, and Todd Rundgren as his greatest musical teachers.
"..I grew up around Gospel music. They'd stand me on a chair at church to sing, because I was too short to reach the mic. My dad was a preacher, and I was affectionately known as "little Moses". But one of my first memories was hearing the Beatles on my mothers pink transistor radio..."

Kevin has shared the stage and studio with some of Nashville's most prominent and respected artists, writers and producers. His songs have been recorded by a myriad of artists: including Shelby Lynne, the Imperials, Charlie Pride, and other dynamic recording artists.
"..I recorded my first record at 8 years old (1971), and started writing songs around that time. By the time I'd left home, I had a record contract, so I moved to Nashville..."

As well as a natural entertainer and proficient musician, Kevin is an acclaimed master craftsman in song development. His works have received favorable reviews in Music Row Magazine, the Nashville Scene, as well as many global trade papers.
"..There have been many twists and turns in my career. Many close calls. Somehow I survived, and am happy to be a part of the Nashville community -- as a full time musician.."

A multi-talented man of many hats, Kevin is sole musician and vocalist on all of his recorded works.
Currently, Kevin is proprieter to his own production company and recording studio; Progress Nashville.
"..I'm happy to be where I am -- with a good family life and a strong buisness. I never quite made it to 'star status' I was hoping for, but I feel fortunate to be able to stay in the game. And that's all a man can ask for..."

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