Kevin Flournoy

Upon the fi rst touch of a keyboard, at the tender age of seven,
Kevin Flournoy knew his passion would be music. It wasn?t long
before a lifelong pursuit developed. Throughout his formative years
Kevin devoted himself to the study of classical piano and contemporary
organ. He later applied his talents to higher education at the University of
California, San Diego where he earned a Degree of Bachelor of Science
in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Music Science & Technology. An
outgrowth of his intrinsic gifts and love of music has been as predicted:
Kevin now maintains a bustling schedule as producer, keyboardist, songwriter
and arranger in his hometown of Los Angeles.

?Sweet Sensual Love? (Big Mountain?s album ?Unity?) hit the Billboard?s
Top 100 pop chart. It was Kevin?s fi rst major label success as producer
and computer programmer. A short time later, ?Tengo Ganas,? yet another
single cut off the album, created a stir resulting in equivalent accolades in
the Latino markets.

Recently, Kevin produced the inspirational song, ?Stand Still? with Stevie
Wonder. And in the contemporary jazz genre, Kevin produced ?Harvest for
the World? (Blue Note/Capital Records) for saxophonist Ronnie Laws and
recorded The Jazz Crusaders? latest CD. Kevin will then move on to work
once again with Donny Osmond who has invited him to write and produce
songs for Donny?s sequel project to his platinum CD ?Somewhere in Time?
where Kevin?s talents contributed to its phenomenal success.

Perseverance and dedication have a way of fi ne-tuning one?s natural talents.
Over the years Kevin has not only earned a name for himself as a
fi ne musician but is considered to be equally accomplished as a producer.
With producing at the forefront of Kevin?s musical pursuits, it isn?t any
wonder how quickly word has gotten out: if you want that rare blend of
both technical excellence and artistic sensitivity, Kevin Flournoy is at the
top of your PDA.

Kevin?s perspective to music is panoramic and unconfi ned. It might also be
best expressed as organic where the foundation of every project is constructed
upon the essentials. Some say his ?nitty-gritty? approach yields
a diverse and versatile range allowing for just about any style, or subtly
thereof, to emerge.

Name the genre and Kevin has a passion and an intuitive responsiveness
for it. Whether it?s R&B or classical, inspirational to reggae, alternative
rock or the essence of jazz, both old and new, you can be certain Kevin
Flournoy?s enthusiasm knows no bounds.

Naturally, with an ever increasing demand for Kevin?s work, also comes
a need to be selective in those he can represent. His requirements are
simple: strive for excellence and be truly dedicated to the craft. Other
than than that, Kevin?s door and heart are open wide for those seeking to
make outstanding music.

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