I have been writing and recording songs for the last 20 years. The music you hear is written by me and sung by Shelby Neubauer, my fourteen year old daughter. I was a road musician in Texas in the 80's but "settled down" after that to concentrate on writing. I've had a few deals with music library companies, but nothing significant. When I recognized how good my daughter's voice was, my writing started focusing on a female voice instead oy mine. The songs posted here are our latest works with more to come soon. I am working to get a publishing/writing deal and my daughter dreams of becoming a singer/song writer in pop, christian or country music. Shelby's sung at school, church and private parties, and recently sang the National Anthem at a San Antonio professional basketball game. She also plays guitar and piano. We hope to be gigging soon around South Texas!

You can contact me at NeubauerK@sbcglobal.net
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