In the beginning, God created the 12-bar blues, and on the seventh day God rested.
Mostly so Kenny Slevmo and the Originals could take the stage. -- The Vail Daily, March 2, 2003 ...

When it comes to following your rock ‘n’ roll dreams, sometimes it’s better late than
never. That’s certainly the case when it comes to a one-time concrete business owner
turned full-time aspiring SoCal professional musician named Kenny Slevmo. A guy who hopes to be the world’s oldest teenaged rock star — and judging from his talent and his drive, he might just get away with it.

Slevmo spent years cultivating his musical fantasy, cranking out a brand of classic R&B-laced, straight-ahead rock with his own band and putting out a professionally produced CD of original tunes in his spare time ... while simultaneously running a business and raising a family in the Colorado Rockies. And while he was fully satisfied with his life, Kenny always aspired for the more colorful world he first saw ...
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