My music video, Telephone in Heaven is now up and ready to view, please check it out and let me know what you think!! I hope you enjoy it!! Thank you for your time, Kelly Ray.

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Be watching for my brand new video!! From my cd titled From the Heart of Kelly Ray, This is my first music video, it will be on soon, so keep your eye open and check it out!!
On the new cut titled, Telephone In Heaven.. Let me know what you think, thank you!!

From The Heart Of Kelly Ray

I'm just a fun lovin kinda guy who loves to make people think about the past or relive the past through song.
Seems like every time someone hears my songs they always say man! that sounds like it was written for me!
That makes it all worth it to me. I grew up listning to
motown, soul, and country, my mother was more into the
type of music that you could really get your groove on, and my father was into the more straight laced country seen. Even now, I find myself turning the radio back and forth between stations! Even though I write more in the country style, if you ever come to one of our shows, you would find that I'm just a white boy playing alot of funky
music!! and even more country!! God bless, Kelly Ray.


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Carolyn Damsma
over 30 days ago to Kelly Ray

I really needed to hear these songs my grandpa is ill and these songs have helped with the pain in my heart.

over 30 days ago to Kelly Ray

Wish I could find this at WalMart

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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