Hi, I have spent my life writing songs, I started when I was 11, and just wrote and put them away. I never did know how to get them known, and like some lucky people, my Mother thought I was being crazy. Like she would say, out of all the stars, what makes you think you could do anything. I loved my Mother, but I still kept writing. When my Mother died I wrote Memories of Momma and when Freddie's ( The Male Vocalist) Mom died I wrote A Sign from Mom. I hoped in some way theyo hear them in heaven. I just hope someday to have a song do something. I did place in the top 5 in April of 2006 on Song Of The year. And in another one, but I will have to go back and look it up, I know one was for the Song Bigger Fish To Fry, and one for Sun Valley Rose. For now, I am just happy writing and trying to get music to the ones that I write, Thanks to Freddie Lee, he arranges the songs and gets them ready to go on here.


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