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"Taking in a performance of Calle Sur is having a positive jolt of energy bounce into your soul." (The Tico Times, San Jose, Costa Rica)

“Two beautiful voices, one perfect blend.”
(HSU Daily, Texas, U.S.A.)

“The contagious beats, sexy charisma, and impeccable musicianship of Calle Sur warmed everyone on this cold winter night.” (The Des Moines Register, Iowa, U.S.A.)

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We grew up in Colombia, Panama, and Costa Rica, listening to and watching many different Latin American artists perform. They ranged from traditional countryside folk musicians, to well-known pop art



Calle Sur is what happens when you combine man and woman, Black and White, urban and rural. Hearing Calle Sur gives you that gorgeous feeling that something just left you breathless and tingling, but you can't say exactly why. Seeing Calle Sur is living proof that the terms "Hispanic" and "Latino" can't be summarized.

Ed East is Panamanian. His upbringing in Panama City meant noise, hustle, bustle, and those chaotic smells and sights so characteristic of any Third World metropolis. It also meant a fierce need for individuality and lots of musical innovation and creativity, as expressed in the work of his compatriot, Ruben Blades.

Karin Stein, his Colombian partner, brings to the music of Calle Sur the perspective of her rural upbringing. Very rural, that is. She is a cowgirl from the eastern Llanos or plains of Colombia. No kidding.

While he rode buses and watched TV, she rode horses and watched the red ibis stalk across emerald green rice fields. There was no TV in her neck of the woods. No electricity for that matter. Only a small transistor radio which sometimes worked, and from which she gleaned tidbits of an outer world. His veins were filled with the fusion of world beats converging in a big city. Her soul harbored haunting cowboy tunes from her traditional Llanero culture, a fascinating people whose music remains one of Latin America's best kept secrets. They met in Iowa, of all places. They discovered that they both had move


love joropo- and everything that Karin plays/sings

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Karin Stein (Duo Calle Sur)
over 30 days ago

Thank you so much, Maria!! Warm greetings to you. Karin

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