Growing up in rural south central Wisconsin, Kari Arnett was experimenting with writing, playing, and singing music from a young age, including teaching herself to play piano. It wasn't until her early 20s that Arnett taught herself guitar and began performing as a traveling musician. Soon her inspirations led her to draw rich sounds from older country/folk styles of music and brought her into the Americana scene. Surfacing lyrics from love and loss, Arnett's lush, imaginative, poetic approach to narrative songwriting may appeal to fans of The Civil Wars, Gillian Welch or Brandi Carlile. While more old-school folk/country lovers, who enjoy Joni Mitchell, Lucinda Williams or Emmylou Harris, may appreciate Arnett's use of music as the universal outlet to convey emotion in the spaces between the silence and the sound.

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Kari Arnett

Kari Arnett is an independent Americana/Folk artist originally from Wisconsin but now residing in the Twin Cities. Her country tinged music will showcase her affinity for lonesome melodies, passionate vocals and honest, narrative songwriting. Fans who've fallen head over heels for her material can expect that signature Alt/Country sound to deliver and grow. Arnett currently splits her time between Wisconsin and Minnesota.

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