Anyone wanting to revamp any of my songs and submit for opportunities are welcome. I am 1st a bass player that sings and don't consider myself to be a vocalist. Most of my songs I will be posting will have me playing the instruments,singing and producing the later 2 I frankly am not good at. It is my hope that someone might hear something that they would want to perform themselves or possibly like the idea of the song for films and TV and get someone else to do the song. If I wait for perfection in myself I'll never get anything posted.

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I played bass for The New Dawn one of the first psychedelic rock bands of the 60's in the NW until they decided they wanted to be a christian oriented band and it was mutually agreed that I was no longer a good fit. Not that I am a devil worshipper,I just don't feel like I am a good representative of God not that he hasn't done miraculous things in my life.


Let's just say I have been around the block, and paid my dues in all 9 lives. I don't hold any illusions about "selling out" when you've sold your own ass to survive selling anything else is easy (meant to be humorous non admission of guilt)
I was born into a family of country western musicians so don't let the rock scare you off. But if you are wanting rap it would sound like loretta lynn imitating Mary J Blige.
I am playing all instruments on all the songs so far so if you like something and could use it in a project but it isn't quite polished enough I have my own 24 track recording set up and could get a "real"guitar player to redo tracks/fresh cut whatever.
Time is goes fast when you are almost out.

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