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Justice Boateng comes to offer a new genre of music that bridges the gap of Poetry, Hip-Hop, Easy Listening, Neo-soul, World and Spiritual music.This genre is called "Jubo Music.
Boateng brings his own world view to traditional urban music. Boateng's alluring beats, deep moods, engrossing melodies and compelling grooves combine to create a transcendent musical experience all can enjoy. According to Mr. Boateng, "Music heightens the mind and spirit; it calls us to a more profound understanding of ourselves and the world we inhabit." "Music brings us into harmony with ourselves and enables us to see more clearly". This is the focus of Boateng's gripping music.
We all experience the void within; it's part of the human experience. Boateng shares within his music, the power of filling the void. Music he says is "bringing back what is missing." Music strikes a chord within the human spirit that is untouchable by anything else. Boateng's capable writings reach that sublime place within the human heart, and strum the chord within us with visions of hope and inspiration.
Boateng is driven by a passionate vision. His urge to perform music and share his talent with the world stems from "a vision in which I saw myself traveling around the world, inspiring the masses!" says Boateng. Justice aims for more than just being an entertainer. He has a vision to share; He seeks to share his journey of enlightenment with others through and with the power of music.
Boateng has performed at the Tupac Amaru School of Performing Arts, The D'jangos, the Apache Café and he has appeared on the Black Family Television Channel. Plans are in the works for a tour in the American South. Boateng spends much of his time in the studio and his latest release, "MY END and MY BEGINNING" will give audiences all over the world a chance to experience and be moved by his music and his vision.
By nature Mr. Justice Boateng is a motivational speaker. Boateng is highly regarded as an authentic artist by A&R Select Representatives from the leading Indie A&R firm in Hollywood, CA. "Justice Boateng crafts Hip-Hop and Soul, taking it above and beyond . Incorporating musical elements with spirituality that heightens the power of each musical note! - A&R Select

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