We have been friends forever and love making music. Music IS one of life's true joys. We have recorded and released 7 albums since July 2007 and look forward to many more!

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Just released our new video entitled "The Unloved" here it is......

July A.D. Bio

July A.D. was born from the fragments of a band called Mirror back in the good old days of Brooklyn. We met basically because of a conversation we were having about music when we both realized we shared a passion (borderline obsession) with the Beatles. As we made countless journeys on the B train to the Village in NYC to buy any and all bootleg recordings (remember Dan the Record Man) of the Fab Four, we started talking about songwriting and before we knew what hit us, we formed the band Mirror.

The two of us, along with Frank and John (hi guys) rehearsed at Bay Ridge Sound Studio's for many years and we have to say it was great fun. However, as life sometimes dictates our time and space, each of us went off to our lives that were waiting for us, including marriage, families and work. It wasn't until a few years later when on that same B train that we had a chance meeting and started to reminisce a bit. Well, no sooner did we arrive at our destinations that we decided to jam a little on a Friday night and guess what? The fire was still burning and after a few more sessions, we made a new commitment to our music, called ourselves JULY A.D. and the rest as they often say, is history.

It isn't often two friends could stay together this long and continue to come up with new music and fresh ideas so we consider ourselves truly blessed. With "Face the Light" we try to share that blessing with all of you and we hope to continue on in the tradition of the bands that have influenced us.

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