Julia Storke is a powerful songwriter and performer. Her illustrious lyricism is complemented by percussive guitar, intricate fingerwork and a rich voice that penetrates venues of all sizes. Her lyrics reflect her passions- relationships, feminism, queer rights and the imbalance of power in the global community.

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Come see Julia in an all acoustic solo set of originals and new arrangements on folk music from Cuba and Mexico.


Julia Storke is back in Chicago after living and performing in New York, San Francisco and Argentina. Her distinguished style as a singer-songwriter is marked by percussive acoustic guitar, illustrious lyricism and a soulful voice that penetrates venues of all sizes. She is enjoying being back in her home town, performing at festivals, bars, cafes and colleges. When she is not performing, she is teaching as a member of the distinguished faculty at the Old Town School of Folk Music.

A nomad by nature and career choice, Julia finds herself most at home on stage. She began her stage career in the theater, training at the distinguished Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. She followed her formidable training by acting and directing in comedies and musicals on both coasts. As Julia?s artistry evolved, so did her songwriting talents. During her stint in San Fran, she wrote and performed her original tunes with her band, featuring Julia on vocals, acoustic/electric guitars and piano. Never straying far from the theater, she won her favorite leading role of Lili in Why We Have a Body at San Francisco?s Theater Rhinoceros. In between her music and theater gigs, Julia has traveled extensively throughout Africa, the Middle East, South America and Eastern Europe. This was time well spent, as each new adventure has brought Julia a pocketful of new songs to add to her diverse repertoire.

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