A familiar musical entity at community events and stages on Vancouver Island, the Wings perform an eclectic repertoire that combines folk, jazz, country and refurbished oldies. Their complementary musical styles appeal to many different audience groups.They also perform original music, featuring intertwining guitar parts and vocal harmonies, occasionally spiced up with mandolin, bass or keyboard. Judy's effortless vocals and evocative lyrics are energized by Bruce's pulsing rhythms, creative arrangements, and harmonies -- the synergy of their talents is a listening pleasure.

Judy and Bruce Wing

Heart meets soul in the collaborations of Judy and Bruce Wing. Their percussive energetic playing style, intertwining guitar parts, and Judy's effortless vocals explore themes of life, love, and ambivalence. Since forming their duo in 2005, these Canadian artists have received three nominations in the Vancouver Island Music Awards for Female Songwriter of the Year (2007), as well as Song of the Year in both the Roots category and Pop/Rock (2014).

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Nick Fuse
over 30 days ago to Judy & Bruce Wing

Judy & Bruce. Beautiful work, my dears! Home for me is here, on Broadjam, where I have found the love I have missed in Life. But of course, Home is always in the eyes of your Lover. Sending you a Friend request so we can share the Love. - St. Nick

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