J-Ryn is a Rap Artist & Songwriter representin the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado....

His first single......"BeWitU" featuring Allison Wright & Spellbinder...and bonus track BeWitU jazz mix featuring Dragonfly & Selina Albright.......COMING TO STORES AND AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD DECEMBER 2006 ....BE ON THE LOOKOUT!!!!! DON"T WANNA SLEEP ON THESE!!!!!

His first solo album is scheduled to be released in Early 2007 titled..."Shine".....

Bringin HEAT with jams like...."Angel' & "TellMe"........ featuring Dai Dae
and HOT CLUB tracks like ....."Get2Gether" featuring Souloist....and "Last Call" featuring BOOM

Some other guest artists include Medina Maestas, Klazz II, B-Blacc, Selina Albright...and more........

Hope you're ready cause its time to SHINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also you can check J-Ryn and some of the aforementioned artists out @ www.myspace.com/jryn24.....


J-Ryn is a songwriter and hip-hop artist representing the Mile High city of Denver, CO. He began writing and deliberating the spoken word at the age of 14 performing at local talent shows and showcases. When he was 17 he wrote and starred in a Rap Video/Radio commercial for the Community College of Denver which solidified his pursuit of a career in the music industry. Later that same year his passion for the stage resonated when he was given the opportunity to perform in British Columbia, Canada where he had the crowd dancing in the aisles. At age 19 J-Ryn impressed road managers with his stage and show presence as chosen for one of the opening acts for the Spice 1 & N2Deep concert @ the Paramount theatre in downtown Denver. When he turned 21 he shifted his focus to the recording aspects of music production to go with his performing experiences. He and a few friends built their own home recording studio and it was there that the blood, sweat, tears and years were poured into perfecting his style and finding his niche. In 1999 his first song "STAR 24" was released on the album STUCK and is still one of his fans’ favorites. J-Ryn is a rising star continuing to perform at local venues while working on his first solo album titled, "Shine" with the first single "BeWitU" scheduled to be released later this year. J-Ryns life and love experiences have given him the focus, fortitude and free spirit to write and perform songs that music lovers of all genres can relate to. Coupled with Medina Maestas creative and original music production this artist brings a fresh and innovative sound yet to be heard by the hip-hop community.

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