Jordon Rothstein is a singer, songwriter and producer. His style is an eclectic mix of pop, blues, jazz, folk and R&B.
He has been writing songs since the age of 14 and began producing his first music at the age of 21. Since then he has played in numerous bands, such as Eternity, Lost Along The Way and Professor Spoon, as well as composing songs for independent films. In 1997 he won Best Score in the NYU Film Festival, for the film Union.
He has also written commercials for the radio. They were for Folgers Coffee, Carnation Instant Breakfast and Volvo.
Of late Jordon has been playing with his band Mascot's Distance, while still continuing to write and produce for others artists. More information can be found at

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Got back from the West coast a month or two ago where i was an extra on Scrubs, very fun. Also had some awesome meetings, had one with A&R at Warner Chappell, also fun and hopefully promising, also have been emailing with John Plat, dj from Wfuv'ss under the radar series, who really liked my trio Mascot's Distance's new ep(, hoping to be apart of his under the radar series,we are supposed to set up a gig on a Sunday so he could see us live

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Jordon Rothstein who considers himself a musician, songwriter and producer has been writing songs for the last 15 years. He has played in bands as a keyboard player and as a drummer and has performed at many different venues in and around New York City.
In addition to being a performer he has written commercials for Hawaiin Punch, Carnation, Volvo, and Folgers coffee, as well as acting as music supervisor for an independent film starring Karen Allen and Brittany Murphy.
He also won Best film score in the the 1997 NYU Film Festival for the movie Union, which was created by John Udis.Currently he has been working on refining his skills as a songwriter and performer while always looking for new artists to try and calloborate with and/or produce. His current band is called Mascot's Distance,
Jordon's web site is:

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