John is an OG DJ and Beat Scientist. In the 90's Totally Killing It started to release vinyl claiming a spot in New York's underground.
Crucial to the Illbient scene, the original Sub Dub EPs w/Raz Mesinai (Badawi), mapped the ill sound clash of Hip Hop, Dub and Experimental deconstruction, and they were championed worldwide by DJs such as DJ Spooky, DJ Olive (who coined the term Illbient) and Lloop.
Totally Killing It next released, the Guru Yoga CD with HH Penor Rinpoche and co-prodced the Revolution Of Compassion CD for Jetsunma. These projects fused beats with ancient Buddhist mantra seeking to make dance music for peace and enlightenment.
Currently, Under The Sun featuring Finnish singer song writer Ursula Ward drops experimental and alternative pop. The duo have been called ahead of their time by Indy label A&R. While Ursula's performance roots are in the Finnish Punk scene, the pair concentrate on edgy pop for modern TV.

Latest News

Remixed "Revival" for better arrangement & vocal tweaks.
Remixed "Broken" for better arrangement & vocal tweaks.
Remixed "Stand Em Up" -less piano more synth, harder flow...more of a straight up beat for rappers. Sorta East Coast, sorta Dub.
Remixed "Stand Down Your Weapons" -better flow and dynamics now. Straight up West coast sorta hip hop beat. Was gonna add "Stand down your weapons" police sample but decided to leave space for you rhyme spitt'n sharp shooters to flow freely.

Totally Killing It Tracks

Totally Killing It brings an underground creative vibe and actual studio chops to the mixing desk. We have long been true to the underground while, at the same time, working in the studio with artists such as Talking Heads, Madonna, AC/DC, Wu-Tang Clan, Guns and Roses and many more.

Our early beat mashups were among the first to mix sound efx such as jet planes, gun shots and crowd sound with our own hip hop beats and recieved support and exposure from DJ Omar Santana. In the studio, we engineered for seminal remixers Arthur Baker, Francois Kevorkian, Shep Pettibone and Jellybean. As a young assistant Engineer we worked on the tracks Planet Rock and Jam On It. We learned production working with producers Phil Ramone and Frank Fillipetti among others. At Compass Point Studios in Nassau, Bahamas, the torch of Dub was passed by Wailer Tyrone Downie and legendary mixer Stephen Stanley who schooled us in Reggae and Dub while recording tracks for the Wailers.

In the 90s Totally Killing It became a defining member of the New York underground. The Sub Dub EPs sparked the New York Illbient scene with Totally Killing It and Samyz Joint being the first labels to define the sound. Sub Dub with Raz Mesinai (Badawi) outlined the fusion of Hip Hop, Dub and Experimental sound deconstructions when DJ Spooky, DJ Olive (who named the sound Illbient) and Lloop championed the Sub dub EPs worldwide. The band's Tribal House tracks became a staple at Sound Factory. Live, Sub Dub ruled New York Dub wise opening for Mad Professor, playing the NASA rave and doing many Dub nights at the Cooler. Sub Dub toured Europe and,in the US, with the Executioners and Invisible Scratch Pickles. Sub Dub were asked to remix artists from Arto Lindsy to Burning Spear. The band was described as "America's answer to the Orb" by I-Tunes.

Further down the road, the Totally Killing It Guru Yoga CD by Intrinsic Sky Sound System featuring HH Penor Rinpoche a legondary Tibetan master and the Revolution Of Compassion CD with Jetsunma fused experimental grooves and Tibetan mantra to create dance music for spiritual awakening.

Current project Under The Sun with Finnish Singer Songwriter Ursula Ward has been called ahead of their time by industry insiders. Ursula's insight as a song writer and her compelling voice are a potent catalyst for John's studio sonics. While Ursula's performance roots are in the Finnish Punk scene, the duo now concentrate on edgy Pop for modern TV.

Totally Killing It tracks have been used by Pepsi, MTV, ABC Television and Sony Pictures. We've done remixes for clients diverse as Bad Boy Entertainment and Tibetan Singer Songwriter Tsering Cho. In 2002 John won an Emmy mixing live TV for ABC television. As a music mixer for Good Morning America and The View he has mixed artists from Duran Duran to Willie Nelson, from Pavaroti to Usher.

Discography, Credits, Client list and Demos available upon request.

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