After travelling to over twenty countries to write and perform
his passionate, inspired, and intelligent earthy
acoustical warrior-rock, John Sotter now focuses
on touring from Southern California to Northern
Colorado and beyond speading his energetic music from the
heart. Early in 2009, John released his fourth album after signing to PlasticMeltdown Records.


"After being born and raised in southern California playing waterpolo, ocean lifeguarding and bodysurfing a lot, I yearned to see what life was all about outside of my little bubble. So I wandered all over the world with a tent, a mask & snorkel, and an acoustic guitar after graduating from UC San Diego. I wanted to learn all the things they do not teach you of in college....and to teach myself to be a singer/songwriter and a guitarist and a harmonica player."
"I hiked, sailed, and climbed for many years to some of the most beautiful places on the planet both above and below the water to write some music and search for the eternal answers. I hitch-hiked through South Africa and Zimbabwe, I sailed through Mexico and Indonesia, I climbed mountains in Thialand and Nepal, I scuba dived off Australia, Fiji and Honduras...and I was writing and performing my tunes around bonfires on beaches, riverbanks, and mountain tops for travelers and locals alike all over the world...whoever would listen...and there was never any trouble finding some hungry ears out there on that world-traveling circuit of international curious wandering souls."
"Soon I started playing my music in tourist bars in places like Costa Rica, Fiji, and New Zealand for beer and dinner. Then it soon turned into playing festivals for money. I eventually would come back home to "the OC" for a spell when I'd run out of funds and upon one return I found that my music was the "gold" that I had been seeking in the 23 countries that I had wandered around and that I was passionate about the music I was creating. The traveling to inspirational spots to play and write music was GREAT...but I wanted to record some of my music...and that meant I should probably stick around the developed world for a bit. So I moved onto a sailboat for four years in Dana Point, California and began to write and record, and then perform my tunes at bars and clubs as I floated around the Pacific Ocean from Los Angeles to Puerta Vallarta, Mexico on my floating home."
"For the past couple years, I've gone back to living as a 'land-lover' and it's been a ton of fun to have my own recording studio at my beckon call and to have the opportunity to share the stage with tons of great acts at clubs from California to Colorado to all over the place!"
John signed with indie label PlasticMeltdown Records and released his fourth CD "Alone" early in 2009. He's been sharing the stage with America, Eddie Money, Melvin Seals and the Jerry Garcia Band, Tim Reynolds (Dave Matthews Band), Drew Emmitt Band (Leftover Salmon), The Samples, Subdudes, Rocco DeLuca, Mother Hips, Blind Melon and tons of other great international well as headlining himself at large indoor and outdoor venues around the world.
"Why am I an Acoustic Warrior? Hmmm....because that's what I am...a self-taught solo performing artist fighting against dull living, among other know...over-population, environmental destruction, wasting of lives...all that stuff worth fighting against. And my love of travel and music is a life-style I intend to pursue for some time. I'm an adventurous life warrior armed only with an acoustic guitar."
The Warrior's 2009 release, "Alone", as well as music from his previous three CDs is being played on numerous internet and terrestrial radio programs around the world right now. His passionate stage presence is attracting an ever-growing audience to his live experience.
John records, mixes and masters all his music himself as well as plays all the instruments on his recordings. Live music is just better by nature, though, and playing live for Sotter is inspired by the natural surroundings where his music was born...some of the most beatiful places the entire world has to offer. Playing live is what he lives for.

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