I was born in San Francisco and have travelled extensively playing music throughout the US and Europe. I started playing the guitar when I was nine and at the same time started playing the clarinet. over the years I have also studied and played the alto saxophone, electric bass, dulcimer all professionally. I recorded five CD's and numerous individual songs. I always had a fascination for jazz and from 1997 - 2004 had various trios and quartets playing my music. But I've always loved playing the guitar and singing a song. I also really love electronic and experimental music. I started working with synthesizers in 1975 and began home recording at the same time. I used to love my Atari computer and Mirage keyboard and made many relaxation recordings for yoga and accupuncture practitioners. All in all, I love musical sounds in any template, form and color. I feel open and ready to document ideas that come my way.

The Road Less Travelled

San Francisco born
Hippies, Beatniks, Great Friends, All my family
Guitar and clarinet at 10
Writing songs at 12
Playing in bands began at 12 too; lead singer and harmonica
big influences were; Bob Dylan, The Beatles, ALL Motown, Aretha and Otis.
Loved Chicago Blues (Go Muddy!)
My big brother played and we mad a little band and played the clubs.
Started playing other instruments and writing more and began recording my songs
Lived in Stockton, Oakland, Vegas, Payson, Phoenix, Hilo, Kona and Honolulu too.
Played all over the place, a lot of bass put
back home to the guitar.
Writing, playing recording, writing playing recording...you get the idea
Played all over Europe; some jazz, folk, pop, country-folk.
Love it.
Keep playing now.
Get regular jobs when I have to.
Love my wife like crazy.
Really try to communicate with her.
Learned so much from her.
Played with a lot of famous people.
Don't ever wonder why I still do it.
It's mostly for her, but for this need that lives inside of me that creates.
Don't think i'll ever stop.
Want to learn, I can help
Inspiration, Imagination, technique, honesty and a bit of a thick skin.
Just keep playing, just keep doing,
just keep at it and you'll find some powerful happiness!

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