Johanna Stahley is a singer, songwriter and producer with her hands in a few different projects including TKTTSM, joyjoy and her own solo recordings. Formerly published by Cherry Lane Music/BMG Chrysalis, Johanna's songs have been used in everything from a Lowe's commercial to a TV theme song and lots of placements in between.

TKTTSM ("ticketism") is a Brooklyn-based psychedelic indie pop band. Gymnastic instrumentation, skewed pop vocals and Crosby, Stills and Nash harmonies combine in declaration of love for exploration, animals, exercise, and freedom, and contempt for cops, politicians, financial institutions and any other power-hungry villains. The album is filled with psychedelic soundscapes reminiscent of Flaming Lips while Johanna Stahley's vocals bring Bjork to mind. In a review for Nanobot, Clay says "It is the funnest anti-establishment music I have ever put in my ears."

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Releasing solo EP "Like The Sun" July 29, 2014. In the studio with my side projects TKTTSM and joyjoy.
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"Free" is so beyond-belief fantastic...such nice work. So happy you got the film opp for that song. Congratulations and all the best.

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Thanks Doug! Glad you like it.

Hello!I am a lyricist.I got commended entry in UK Songwritting Contest and national prizes in poetry..I would like to propose to you some of my lyrics for reading .Thanks!

Love it!! Great tune!!!

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Thanks Edward!

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