My Goal is to produce GREAT Country Music. If I'm being honest, I don't want to be just a songwriter. . . I want to be out with the public making their life just a little better. Everyone has good and bad days and I want my music to help them through their situations in any way I can.

I want to thank GOD for where I am today and the talent that I've been given. I just hope my talent will be put to good use.

Joe McCauley

I grew up in Canton, Ohio. I started playing the guitar around age 8 due to my mother playing and singing folk music. I've been playing for friends & family and appearing at small venues for years, getting more and more talented every year.

My family moved to Portland, TN in 2004 so I could be at least "close" to where it all happens. I have always performed hits of everyone elses, until recently. My wife and I seperated in the fall of 2005 and that was a turning point for me. After the seperation, I started to become a songwriter, instead of just a musician. I've been on a role every since. My family is back together now and I owe everything to her and my son. My wife has always been behind me and my music since the get go, which makes pursuing my music career a lot easier.

I am currently in a Band, Second Nature, located in Gallatin, TN. All the band members are very talented songwriters and musicians. We play live locally when we can.

I've been working in my home studio for a few months now and have been recording my newly written songs. Any feedback is MUCH appreciated.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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