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Since the release of his debut CD Last Hard Road, JOEL CAGE has exhibited a consistency and dedication one could only attribute to "a true lifer." An extensive touring/performance along with Joel's candid one-on-one approach to audience communique´ has yielded an ever-growing fan/friend constituency that spans the country.

A powerful voice with tunes to match, Joel Cage's personal take on life is poured forth through his music in a way as to make each listener swear he was singing especially for them. His lyrics, albeit autobiographical, are rife with images that evoke the ideas of every man (and woman). The prophetic "Rose" speaks of "God" as an entity known only to the individual (holding the hand of a life form who only knows itself). "Stand & Fall", driven by an infectious blues riff, bemoans the frustrations of everyday life ( How many times am I slated for rejection ), while the Award winning "From The Farthest Reaches" spews forth a profession of unconditional love, provided the song's recipient is in concurrence. "Food Chain" sports yet another cool and effective signature riff while enlightening the listener to the already known truth of climbing the proverbial ladder, only to find one's self "at the bottom of another food chain" Sound notions for one and all.

Joel sings as if from a mountain top . He writes like one totally immersed within the darkness of his own psyche. All the while, body writhing, foot pounding rhythm, legs kicking out in accent, sweat pouring from his body, hands flailing about in a almost violently sensuous caress, his guitar floats seemingly weightless amidst an out-pouring of full spectrum sound to elicit the envy of any complete rock ensemble, as if there were three or four separate instruments.

Indeed, one is inclined to wonder "How?" on several occasions throughout the show:

"How is he doing that?"

"How does he make the guitar sound so BIG?'

"How did what I just saw translate into the music I just heard?"

When asked, Joel's is more than likely to just laugh and say "it's a whole lot of fun."

And so it must be.


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