One of the talented singer/songwriters in the RUNANDTELLDAT Music family out of Atlanta, Ga. A different kind of music company that specilize in simply making great music and creating great artist.
JODY is an artist that has created a style of his own and a cross-cultural sound, along with the ability to tell a story through music.

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.....RIDIN MUZIC IN BEN HILL COUNTY is Jody's latest EP released on the SEV'N/RUNANDTELLDAT Music label. The CD can be purchased @!

If a picture could speak...

If a picture can speak a thousand words, then through music, producer, song writer, and singer Jody Stanley speaks volumes...... Born in the small south Georgia town of Fitzgerald, but raised on the Southwest side of Atlanta, Jody was introduced to muisc at age 12 with a short attempt at both the choir and school band. But, because he was a promising athlete as well, sports became his passion during that period in his life......
Forward several years later and through many ups and downs musically and personally. One day while visiting a makeshift studio, owned by a friend, Jody was compelled to write a song through a bet. That was in 2004, but, since then Jody has continued writing songs, poems and memoirs of his life, but it is through music that he feels more comfort in telling his story. Strongly influenced by many different genres of music, because of his roots between two southern cities, Jody shows a wide range of musical attributes by being able to produce, write and perform. He is also CEO of SEV'N ENT and MS.MILL Publishing.
In 2006, Jody met Darin "Vamp" Johnson through a mutual friend and within the first few hours of meeting each other they produced and wrote "She Wants" and "When a Woman". From that day on Jody and Vamp have continued collaborating and recently released the HOT! single "I Leanback, Girl", which features Poshia R. Currently Jody is staying busy handling the day to day business of his label and writing songs. You can keep in tune with Jody on Facebook, Myspace, IMRADIO and purchase his music on CD BABY.
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