High energy hard rocking, performance-oriented rock, delivered with a kick from a classically trained vocalist. Jennifer Rose is a powerhouse singer who combines elements of modern and classic rock with attitude. Her CD, Alone & Unsupervised, is now available

A little background...

Where have the female rock artists gone?

Industry insiders say Jennifer Rose is high energy modern hard rock with classic rock influences. One review proclaims Jennifer "rocks hard enough that she puts many male vocalists to shame".

For years, rock artist Jennifer Rose has been a sought after classically trained vocalist who has been involved in performing and recording lead vocals for various musicians, composers and producers involving rock, metal, pop, RnB, jazz, classical, gospel and even light opera, plus a variety of cover and tribute bands as well as lead in a number of musical theatre productions.

In 2008, after years of performing and recording other people's songs, Jennifer parted from her previous projects. With a fist full of lyrics and musical ideas in one hand and her life savings in the other, Jennifer went in search of a producer who understood her vision to create a hard rocking, performance-oriented rock band combining elements of modern and classic rock with energy and attitude. A year later, the CD is finally ready released.

The 10-song CD "Alone & Unsupervised" is now available! Through self-promotion, perseverance and word of mouth, the songs are receiving very positive reaction from fans and industry people around the globe and are currently playing on roughly 50+ radio stations in the US, Europe, Canada and South America and soon in Japan. Jennifer Rose songs were also featured between live bands at FireFest V (UK), 2008. Look for interviews in Muen Magazine and Metal Pit in the US, Power Play magazine in the UK, and Hard Metal Forces magazine in Japan.

Jennifer Rose has been the "Clear Channel NEW! Featured Artist" on STAR 98.7 FM, 104.3 MyFM and 102.7 KIIS FM, all in Los Angeles.

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