Raised in the Chicago suburbs, this eclectic artist drew her first influences from the city's diverse music landscape before studying at Illinois State University, where she would take her first steps as a singer-songwriter, and later the graduate music program at UW-Madison. Jennifer Hedstrom released her first album, Bodies of Water, soon after her move to Madison, WI in 2010.

Recorded in 2016, Jennifer Hedstrom's latest release, Prairie (recorded by Steve Gotcher of Audio for the Arts, with drummer James McKenzie), is an exposed meditation on the jagged ground awaiting us after falling in love and the resuscitating breath of the morning after. These songs have earned Jennifer enthusiastic fans in audiences and critics alike in Wisconsin, drawing comparisons to Regina Spektor, Joni Mitchell, and Sara Bareilles. To hear a Jennifer Hedstrom song is to hear a long imprisoned thought that's slipped its shackles and is sprinting for the gate. And you can't help but cheer it on.
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