--JC REED-- is a singer/songwriter who enjoys writing songs with varying tempos as he doesn't like getting stuck into the "singer/songwriter tempo" where every song starts sounding the same. Some rock, blues, rock/pop, a mixture of styles.


Starting at an early age, writing song lyrics came naturally for Jc. When asked to write a poem early on in school, he noticed right away that there was always a melody (heard only in his imagination) attached to anything he would write.

At about the age of 15 he decided to start writing more and good ole' Mom gave her guitar to him. She actually didn't think he would stick with it, but one day he started playing a favorite Elvis song of hers by ear. His Mom asked "Who taught you how to play that?" and he answered "I taught myself"

Within the next 4-5 years of playing guitar he was able to match up the lyrics he wrote, to music... His own music.

So the next step was finally recording. The first recording he made was a solo acoustic song named "Tall". The hook for that song is one that seems to resonate with all types of people, all ages, and all backgrounds. --- "Being the bigger person, can make you feel small, it's time you take a listen... It's my time to be TALL!..." ---

---What's next?---

Hopefully some interest in the music. Interest that will get more of it created, and more of it heard.

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