I am a thirty year veteran of the music business. I have made a living playing bass and guitar for most of that time. I write in several styles from Americana to rock to instrumentals for background music and have my own studio. I don't fit neatly into one genre and I enjoy playing all styles.

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I am an eclectic writer, everything from instrumentals to country to Americana and rock.I?ve made a living playing music for the better part of twentyfive years as a bassist,guitarist and singer. In the words of Johnny Cash,? I?ve been eveywhere, man ?. I spent ten years in LA and another twelve in Las Vegas. I presently live in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mtns in North Carolina where I have studio for recording and teaching.
My influences stretch from Merle Haggard to Miles Davis to Steve Morse and beyond.
I've been in this crazy business for thirty years, and I still have most of the same dreams. A wife and three kids will adjust your thinking on some matters! I can honestly say that I write, sing, and play better than I ever have, and that keeps me going. That which doesn't kill me only makes me stronger and believe me, the music business and lifestyle have tried to sink me, but I'm like Godzilla, I can't be killed! I still love to play and I?m sure I always will.

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