I am a singer/songwriter/ recording artist based in my hometown of NYC. My second full length album, The Petty Narcissist', is being released 1/21/22. I composed all the music and lyrics as well as produced the album. My genre of music is pop, pop/alternative, pop/rock, adult contemporary... depends which track you listen to. I primarily write about relationships - romantic, platonic, familial, etc.

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My second full length album - 'The Petty Narcissist' - came out 1/21/22. My goal with this 14 song collection was to make a substantive personal pop album that not only catered to this single driven era, but also catered to the old school of having a full length album where each song flows into the other, taking the listener on a sonic story telling ride. As there are no fillers on this album with EVERY song being a potential single, I'd like to think I succeeded. Title track 'The Petty Narcissist (Arctic Ocean)' just hit #1 on the World Indie Music Charts (weeks of February 14 and February 20) as well as the European Indie Music Charts (week of February 20) and I'll be appearing on The CBS Daily Show on 3/3/22.
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