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Jason Lee has been a Country Music devotee since an early age, picking up his first guitar at the age of nine. Now, five years into a professional career, Jason is one of the best new talents on the Country Music landscape.

Jasons' sometimes strong, sometimes quiet but always emotive vocals, draw you deeply into anything he chooses to sing and that shows within the material he chooses and writes.

Jasons' early accolades include an automatic entry two years running into one of Tamworth's main events, Toyota Star Maker and also an automatic entry into the 2006 CMAA Australian College of Country Music.

Jason Lee's other achievements include 2006 Steel City Male Vocal, 2006 Steel City Best Songwriter, 2006 Steel City King of Country.

After College 2006 and Toyota Star Maker, Jason took the ball and ran with it and has never taken a step back. Jason Lee says "There's not much I'd rather do than sing and play Country Music. To make something of yourself, you need to show that you are capable and keen to put in the hard yards, because hoping is just not enough."

Since 1998, Jason has been performing across New South Wales and Queensland and his untiring commitment and professionalism have earned him the respect of venue owners and his industry peers alike.

Jason has just completed the first of his goals having recorded his debut E.P. with one of Australias' most respected producers, Herm Kovac, at Ramrod Studios.

Jasons' first single "Boy Into A Man" was co-written and co-produced by Travis Collins, another of Australias' finest up-coming talents and reflects Jasons' ability to move you with his emotional vocals and deliver the understanding and depth of the song. It's already receiving airplay across Australia.

Jason Lee is as genuine as a person as are the songs he delivers and is certainly a talent to watch.

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