Every day I think about lyrics and songs and mostly the words simply flow, it's a

mystery I don't understand, it's like magic.

But don't think a song is ready just like that, things have to be polished, the re-writing costs lots of time, just to get the right flow and rythm, for me this is hard work.

Song writing is a powerful profession, but you have to hold your hand to the pen, you can't just lay back, waiting for idea's to pop up.

I like simplicity, just to get understood, simple words can go deep and can capture the audience

What's a song I often ask myself, words or lyrics, a melody accompanied by instruments, it seems so easy, but is it?, I don't think so, a song comes from inside, the only thing you have to do is write it down, it's easy to say but one has to use certain kinds of techniques also., these techniques I like the less.

But......I'll be on Song Safari for the rest of my life.


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Clean Clean

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