Original modern rock, contemporary classical, avante garde, and film music

While at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in 1980, I was selected as the sole U.S. representative for the International Youth Music Festival in Bulgaria, following the premiere of my first symphony by the DC Youth Orchestra. I received my formal training at Oberlin Conservatory, studying under Edward Miller and Richard Hoffman. My works have since received numerous performances, and my Three Koans for String Quartet is available on the CRS label. I released my first solo rock album Red Wire in 2003.

My experience in rock goes back to the late '70s when I played keyboards in the Seminal DC Punk/New Wave band White Boy, and much later playing keyboards for the Ted Hovis Band. I now play Chapman Stick in an experimental rock group in Northern VA.

My recent work includes original soundtracks for feature length films from Invision Films and Sysifus Rock Productions.

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