Jacque LaRue, Songwriter/Producer.
CEO of LaRue Records along with Jeanette LaRue and Connie Lowe.

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The Artist, The Poet, The Song Writer, The Vessel.
This soloist comes off without a question as a well-seasoned MC, whom hails from the capitol of California. Belevm has been establishing himself as a well-rounded entertainer in the art of rap, dance, and acting for over fourteen plus years on a local underground level. He is also featured on the most requested song “God’s Army” of La Rue Records newest Gospel recording artist “Connie” receiving rave reviews from “Gospel Today” magazine June 2005 issue.
This is just the beginning, he is underground today, and he will be uncovered and on top tomorrow. Look out for him, because the day is dawning for a new comer like him with his boldness, his visions and dreams. Where is his audience? Come out of the dark and show you face! Stand with Belevm he is ready to stand against all the odds.

  • Member Since: 2004
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