Music creation and presentation has been constant in my life. I enjoy presenting my passions, my ups, my downs, my hopes, dreams and conveys the emotions and situations others go through. Nothing would brings me more joy than to know that the songs I share with others becomes helpful to them and give them inspiration to help someone else. See Bio.

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ISD's song "America FJL" made Broadjam's Pop Class Top 10 as #5 on July 23, 2004 up to #4 on August 1, 2004.


Journey, Diane Warren, Lionel Ritchie, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion.


Thanks to everyone who gave me great reviews for my song "America FJL". Thank you Broadjam for placing this song in the top 10 of the Pop Classic category.

As a young child music was an outlet for me to get away from the disappointments I faced in life. At 8 years old I did my first public performance in a Christmas concert. I fell in love with the positive feedback from the audience and has since been actively performing and writing songs. From age eight to my early twenties I was mainly interested in being a vocalist. I dabbled in song writing in my teens, but it was not until the loss of my grandmother that I had a strong interest in writing. Melodies and lyrics just came to me from memories based on the life I had with her. Since then I have written dozens of songs on relationships with friends, family, community and country. My goal is to have the messages in my songs be heard and for it to be of help, inspiration and joy to others.

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