My name is Israel Malek. I am from Mystic, CT. I work as a performing musician playing keyboards and guitar in a Disco / Funk / R&B band. We perform frequently at two of the largest casinos in the world... Foxwoods Casino and Mohegan Sun Casino.
The majority of music that I write takes on an R&B / Hip Hop vibe. What I feel is most important in this style of music (and my biggest focus) is the "HOOK". It's got to be catchy! It's got to have something that is going to make you remember the song. I grew up listining to so much pop music that it's just second nature to write that way.
I attended Berklee College of Music for 1 year. It always seemed that pop music was thought of as being simple or "cheesy" by most students there. I always thought that if you can write a song that makes 100 people jump on the dance floor and move their lips to every lyric... now thats talent!!!
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