Isle of Thieves is an alt-rock band from Toronto, Canada that blends melodic socal punk and British rock.

Isle of Thieves

Labels are for condiments, not bands. There is nothing "new" in wave, punk is more fashion than passion and nothing is alternative any more. Rock is rock and Toronto's Isle of Thieves are a rock band; Five-piece, bass, guitars, keys. Their debut album "Only Human" has won them fans across North America with "Hollywood (Cleft Lip)" receiving substantial play on terrestrial and satellite radio.

It's hard to describe but every picture doesn't always tell a story. Isle of Thieves may look young and innocent but on stage it's a complete different story. This is where "Only Human", and the new material they are now performing, comes to life. Constant touring has sharpened the band's focus and taught them how to win over audiences. Life on the road can also inspire new material and the band has a wealth of great new songs which they are getting ready to record. Look out 2010.

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