Ishtar has been singing since the impressionable age of 13. Ishtar was able to tap in to the many facets of her voice thanks to a school friend. She has spent over the last decade, honing, crafting, and diligently working on her incredible gift
Ishtar has performed in various venues across the bay Area. She has a keen hear for Harmony's and Melody's. She is well versed in many genres of musiik ranging from Pop, Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, Rock, Funk, and yes even Contemporary Country! Ishtar has fronted many bays in the bay area, and is a very sought out studio singer. Inside you will get to listen to the budding Songstress from the BAY!!

"Musiik is Luv"
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Johnny Blackburn
over 30 days ago to Ishtar

Hey Ishtar.......You had commented on a post I made on Rhonda's page. So that's you singing on those songs.....I can recognize your voice as being the same one I've heard while I'm listening to Liez right now......truly an original voice. Really digging Liez, got that vibe that Wanna Be Me has. I'm definately a fan, and I think you're as good, if not better than the popular females vocalists in this genre......Maria, Beyonce, Mary J., you're just as strong as those names. So is Ishtar your name, a "band" name, what's your story.......there's no bio or photo on your there a place I can find out more about you and your music?

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over 30 days ago

Heyyyy Johnnyyyy,
Thank you so much for your kind words, believe me they mean a lot as a struggling, starving, singer/songwriter. So im fronting this band called FiveDown for now, patiently waiting for my solo carreer to finally take flight. Im currently looking for new material for my solo project. You can hear some stuff on my reverbnation page!!! I just became a fan of yours on Reverbnation. I don't really use this site, I only know about it because of Rhonda. I have a show with the band Jan. 20th at Hotel Utah in the city!!! you should come out!!! its more rock meets r and b!! So yes Ishtar is my real name. I love your song "your love" i love them all but your love is my fav i have listened twice already!!!! keep in touch!! lots of everything especailly

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