I Saw the Creature is Hannah Ripp-Dieter (lead vox), Jake Ripp-Dieter (guitar), Meghan Rose (bass, vox), and Andrew Schroeder (drums) from Madison, WI.

They have an eclectic background spanning several forms of music, including classical, blues, soul, and musical theatre, but are drawn together by their mutual love of rock. Hannah started singing at the age of babyhood. She has won awards and singing competitions. Brother Jake studied music with super famous Jazz musician Richard Davis who is most famous in Japan. Andrew has been playing drums also since babyhood. The three of them were playing together for quite some time until Jake met Meg in the pit band of a musical about zombies. Meg studied classical piano also since babyhood, and learned bass like it wasn't a big deal in order to join the group. With the final piece of the puzzle in place they became a Real Band and began to play out.

They have since formed a unique sound the likes of which you have never heard before 9pm.

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