Genre defying hip-hop with a twist.

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International Criminal is a Canadian musician/songwriter/singer/producer currently living in Madrid, Spain. Defined by his genre defying, anything goes philosophy, he believes rules are made to be broken, and limits are meant to be pushed. Hardcore to the bone, his rough and agressive rock influenced vocal style, combined with dark and brutally honest lyrics and unique, well crafted instrumentals is the antithesis of the battles and disses style hiphop - and anything but commercial. The mission (these days): make good music, based on a hip-hop feel, but not limited to or by hiphop's boundaries.


Producer and MC with Tres-Naciones (up and coming Spanish Hip-hop from Madrid), former guitar player and songwriter with Babblefish (crazy alternative metal band from Halifax, NS - now called Fishmonger for stupid legal name rights issues), former guitar player with Knuckles (hard-edged rock band based in London, England).

Currently working on an LP with DJ Phoney (Cologne), to be released in June, Tres Naciones album to be released in May. International Criminal solo album sometime this summer.

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