If there is innocence in music, it is drowned out by the background noise of the commercial scene. I.N. has been rocking long enough to know that. Innocent Noise has been reborn since the addition of front man Craig Harrison [8-04] after being instrumental for over a year. I.N.'s "debut" EP spun on apx 200 college radio stations nation wide, charting well on many. I.N. has been working hard to expand onto the national market being one of two self-rep'd band selected to showcase [2-20-06] @ the national convention of National Association of Campus Activities [NACA} to tap the college market, as well as arranging the forthcoming Boston to Austin tour. Complete "Noise News" list in EPK www.sonicbids.com/InnocentNoise

Are we Innocent? Is it Noise? We intend to rock the world until we get some answers.

In the mean time, YOU decide!
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