A threesome from Glasgow who don't mind mixing a bit of pop and rock and sleaze and weird - allright, a bit of cheese too. References are there - Dandy Warhols, Beck, Soft Cell, (oops, there's even a bit of Coldplay in there as well!) If you have BLUE NILE, REINDEER SECTION and late NOTWIST in your often-played CD box there's going to be a place for INFRATHIN too. Different, a little further out, but very well connected. Gerry Tonner sings and takes a lead on creating and producing the musical side of things. Alan Parker does the wryly affectionate lyrics. Alex Ewing plays piano and guitar.
"...Infrathin, who dabbled in a bit of FX pedalry themselves, but added some glitchy modernism and experimental songwriting for good measure. For even better measure, their Islands of Sparing includes the epic "I Want Tenderness", possibly the best song we've heard this year ..."
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