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"Smoke" raps and sings on virtually all of his compositions, but his real talent is writing and producing for other artists. "...Makin pimp music is probably the most fun because its the music that I heard on the streets growing up".
"Smoke", born Stewart Alastair, also writes songs that are destined for the pop charts. "I write the pop stuff to show versatility. Too many rap cats want to put themselves in a box, and say if it ain't rap, I can't F@$ wit it. But not me. This is a business, and I'm down to learn it, top to bottom".
Doing all of his recording in his own studio, "Smoke", is not limited by the usual time and money constraints that can bogg down many artists.
"Smoke" has been in the Top 10 list on "Broadjam.com" numerous times. His philosophy is to "...write music you love". Whether your thing is the steel guitar or ground crushing 808, be true to what's in you.
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