Huntley & Foht is a songwriting duo. The range of music that they produce is very diverse from Country, Americana, Pop, Dance to Film scores. All works are written, performed and recorded by Huntley & Foht.

An extensive works catalog is available via BMI. Huntley and Foht is presently seeking a MUSIC PUBLISHER and can be contacted via:

Latest News

5/6/16 Our new Modern Country album is nearing completion and should be released in mid 2016. We are seeking a record label. Check us out on iTunes and other venues. We are seeking a MUSIC Publisher.

Huntley & Foht

Hello music lovers! Thank you for listening to our songs! We are Chris Huntley and Emily Foht, singer/songwriters that have been writing together for a few years now. We love all kinds of music from classical to dance to rock. This first release is a variety of our writing, pop, country and rock.

Our song writing is as diverse as the weather where we live.

How do we write? Sometimes, one of us will come up with a title while we are talking and then the other will say "hey, we should write that down". Then the music and melody come together in our creative sessions; piano, guitar and the cigar box guitar too. Some songs take forever to write and others are quick as anything.

Fingers crossed: We are hoping that an established or up and coming artist will like one of our tunes and want to record it :-) or.....maybe we could write a tune for someone?

We thank all of you for listening to our music and promise more to come.

Pssst....We are currently writing and recording a modern country album, with some cool two part vocals to be released Spring 2014.

In the meantime.......Turn it UP :-)

Emily and Chris

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