Austin Howell aka HOWELL is an

American Rap artist from Colorado, USA. Born on December 16th, 1994 in

Oceanside, California, HOWELL and his family

moved to Colorado just 6 months after being born. HOWELL first fell in love

with music when he heard bands such as, Linkin Park, Creed, 3 doors down,

etc and rap artist including Eminem, Nelly, Lil Flip. When HOWELL hit 11 years old his step mom passed away in a car accident and he used rap music as an escape and a release from all the emotions. Shortly after graduating highschool, HOWELL got his first taste of performing by opening for Lil Wyte at the Roxy Theatre in 2014 at only 19 years old. Now at 24 years old HOWELL has been featured on multiple publications, music that has been played around the world on all major platforms, Over 60 shows with a residency in Downtown Denver Colorado HOWELL is making his name and fast
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