The once famous all talented drumming monkey Helper T recruited Thom and Brendan about two years ago, and introduced them to his vision of the future. Blown away they immediately started playing and writing music under his metaphorical wing. Unfortunately tragedy soon hit, Helper T spontaneously combusted - like so many before him - on his drum stool. Determined not to let his death be in vain, Thom and Brendan named the band Helper Monkey and shaped it in his image. The last piece of the puzzle fell into place when Eoin was found drumming for "drugs and hugs" in a xxx rated russian internet chat room. The band are now up and running but struggle to survive as all funds have been blown on certain members addictive habits. Donations can given to the band upon actually managing to find them.

HeLPeR MonKey: Helping You Help Yourself
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Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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