Musically bipolar describes Helen Ksypka. She says, "My music is a juxtaposition. Sweet, happy place; then raw, in your face. It's like Eno hanging with Charlotte Church, throwing in Tim Meyers and partying with the Ramones."

Since Helen is also a 20+ year member of Screen Actors Guild, she approaches every vocal performance with her acting skills. And being a prize-winning poet is great asset when she's writing lyrics.

Her novelty song, "I'm a Maniac," (a tribute to Massachusetts drivers) was featured on the Nickelodeon channel, and she's written music for countless radio spots.

When asked what she does for work, Helen answers: "I don't work; I play; that's what creating music is."
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Helen Sypka you Rabid Rabbit! Love you! Miss you. Sending you lots of love!

Jonah Poston
over 30 days ago to Helen Ksypka

Good job buddy

over 30 days ago to Helen Ksypka

Hello Helen,
My name is Sharleigh Thomson, I am sure you won't remember me, but, I believe anyway, that you were a judge in a vocal completion I was in when I was eleven. I am nearly eighteen now, so obviously it's been a few years for both of us. I was the "second runner up" in MCAM's Manchester Superstar in 2009. I remember being absolutely in awe of your character and personality way back then. At some point you gave my mother your card, but it's been lost amongst the chaos of the past six years.
In any case, I am now a senior in high school, I will be graduating in a few weeks, and I am pursuing(or trying to pursue) a degree in musical theatre. My dream school is the American Musical and Dramatics Academy(AMDA) in NYC. Unfortunately, there is a HUGE gap between what the school is giving me in financial aid and scholarship, and the full cost of tuition. I am trying desperately to raise the money to go, I can't give up when I am so close to reaching my dreams. I have set up a GoFundMe campaign and I am working on fundraiser events to pull all of this off. I don't know if there is any way you can help, and I certainly understand if you don't reply, after all, it has been six years, but if you have any ideas or could even just pass my campaign link along the line it would be wonderful.
My campaign can be found online at 1 1 and my headshot, resume, and media clips can be found at My email is
Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hate to be a bother. Hope all is well with you and that you are still as awesome as I remember(it certainly looks like you are, haha).
Thank you.
Take care,

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