I am a Midi Programmer, music producer and audio engineer. I really enjoy programming the drums the most but get a kick out a creating music and sound scapes, especially for film scores and the like.
Mainly I use VTSi and sampled instruments. Rarely will I use a sample loop for anything, but the rare occasions that I do it has to be some'em interesting; take Heavy Weight for example, I used an e. guitar loop from Rage against the machine. There is also another version (v2.1) that uses no samples at all: only VSTi. Enjoy the music as will I for the many talented artists here on Broad Jam. Be sure to visit www.MYSPACE.COM/HEAVYHZ2 for the latest from Heavy Hz and to request additional contact information. Also see Heavy at indiestore.com.
Thanx and God Blesses.

Heavy Hz Entertainment

Heavy, graduated from the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Science studying audio engineering and the theory of sound. Over the past six years heavy has worked for companies such as Black Entertainment television, GTS productions and interned at Sheffield Studios. After being laid off from BET in 2001 Heavy worked live sound gigs and odd jobs for income. Four years later he brings Heavy Hz Entertainment to life; a music production company and graphic arts studio. The real passion for heavy is in programming drums for the unique original sound tracks he creates. With over 19 years programming beats on machines like the HR-16 & 16B, Dr. Rythm and the Kawai X4, he has developed a comfortable way of making original soundtrax. Just listen to the detail of the track. Heavy rarely uses sample loops; instead he uses VSTi and creates his own sounds. Of the musical samples featured here only one song features a sample loop, (Heavy Weight Feat. Rage against the Machine Guitar loop), the rest were crafted beat for beat by Heavy. The songs hear on Broad Jam are demonstrations of Heavy Hz Entertainment Beta production catalog for 2005-2006. We can customize soundtracks for any type of project but we tend to lean more toward film scores and music for video games.
We will be Updating our site with new music every 2-3 weeks.
Be sure to visit MYSPACE.COM/HEAVYHZ2 FOR THE LATEST music samples.
Thank you for your support and check back often, God Bless.
Heavy Hz Entertainment

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