Hating Hilary is a four piece rock outfit from the Pacific North West. We live close to Modest Mouse, as well as thousands of kick-ass rock bands. We've been playing for about two years, more than enough time to learn to hate, loathe, and dispise eachother with the utmost respect and brotherly love. INSANITY AND PASSION FEUL OUR FIRE!!! We have played the shit out of Seattle and its surrounding area. With our twelve song, DIY full length LP, we are ready to hit the road and expand our fan base. If you are reading this, it probably means we want to play your venue, or we want to visit your town and hang out with you or something. Either way, here we are. Listen! Enjoy! TURN IT UP!!


Alkaline Trio, Foo Fighters, Tool


Hating Hilary is a four-piece alternative rock band with a twist of punk. We have been together about two years and play various venues around the greater Seattle area; such as… The Fenix, Studio Seven, The Central, About the Music, Lobo Saloon, and numerous house parties throughout Washington state. We have actually played with other bands! Murdock, Daytime Hero, Static Radio, Five Good Reasons, The Bond, Pillsplitter, Pawn Council, The Greenriver Thrillers, Kled, Los Burbanks, & Whiskey Tango just to name a few. Our fan-base is getting bigger with every show and each new song is more rockin’ than the last. The four of us are enthusiastic about playing more shows and are currently booking an in-state, two week, 10 venue (DIY) tour in August. We are very interested in working in new places. So call soon for five-star-entertainment on your doorstep in just hours (or days, depending on how many
of you call)!
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